Selenium Builder

A faster way to build tests.

A Firefox add-on that lets you easily create Selenium tests.

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As simple as it gets

Follow these three easy steps and get your tests running


Enter a URL & start recording.

Click user actions you want to test.

Run tests locally or on Selenium Server.

Save. Export in your programming language of choice. You're done.

Open Source

Selenium Builder is licensed under the Apache 2 License, and is hosted on GitHub. We really encourage community involvement logging bugs and helping us fix and improve the codebase.
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Simple JSON Format

The goal of the project is to support Selenium 2 editing using a simple JSON based format we have created, allowing scripts to be exported and imported easily.
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We're developing a plugin framework to make it easy to add functionality to Builder. Plugins can be installed and managed directly from inside Builder.
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To put your mind at ease...

How is Builder different than other record and playback testing tools?
  • Web-based UI
  • Easy HTML architecture
  • Export to other browsers
  • Better test recording
Do you support Selenium 2?
  • Native Se 2 recording
I customized our test framework. How do I export to that?
Extensible JSON format allows you to edit tests how you want. Or build an exporter on top of it.

We know. Your life just got way better.

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